ObjExImg provides a graphical interface to the photogrammetry engine of macOS (RealityKit Object Capture in Apple’s parlance). This requires:

ObjExImg will check compatibility when launched and display a message if requirements are not met.

PLEASE NOTE: If you ignore the warning about insufficient hardware and continue, you may receive an error message stating that your Mac needs "at least 8 GB of main memory". This error, generated by macOS, can be misleading: Even with 8GB of memory or more, your Mac will probably still not be able to run Object Capture; it will likely also need a more powerful graphics card.
Do not mistake this as an indicator that adding memory alone will be sufficient to fulfil the requirements.


ObjExImg does not collect, store or transmit any data.


Feedback is welcome. Please send bug reports, questions, feature requests, etc. to: objeximg0x40fluthaus0x2Ecom *

*) 0x40 = '@', 0x2E = '.'

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